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Numbers don't lie

Fortune cookie's lucky numbers lead to actual million-dollar fortune


At best, a fortune cookie is good for a laugh, if you're the kind that still gets a giggle from adding "in bed" to the end of the statements. And the so-called lucky numbers printed on the reverse side? Hogwash.

Well... maybe not. The good luck of 75-year-old Emma Duvoll seems to prove that those random digits are legit. After dining recently at the Chinese eatery Sammy's Noodle Shop & Grill in Greenwich Village, the New Yorker decided to play her fortune cookie's lucky numbers in Powerball. Then, during the February 1 drawing, five of those six numbers turned out to be winners. Duvall became the proud owner of $2 million!

The retired deli owner liked to gamble with monthly lottery tickets, but had never come close to winning before. During the Powerball press conference, Duvall said she was incredibly excited about her win. But she's being smart about the cash: She has plans to invest most of it and maybe buy a ticket to visit family in Switzerland.

So, who's up for Chinese tonight?