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The Daily Show's Jessica Williams goes deep on racism in American dogs

Comedy Central

Since the election of President Obama, conservatives have been arguing that racism isn't a real problem in America anymore. On Tuesday night's Daily Show, correspondent Jessica Williams celebrated the end of racism... until she learned that police dogs are biting blacks and Latinos at far higher rates than whites. So she spoke with professional dog trainer Kate Perry to find out why American dogs are racist. Perry insisted that dogs aren't racist. When Williams Googled why dogs are racists, she found out that computers are racist, too. A CNET reporter told her that's not true, either.

Finally, Williams spoke with NYU professor "and hairstyle copycat" Carl Hart, who explained that racism is popping up in strange places because it isn't acceptable anymore to be overtly racist. Stay to the end for Williams' encounter with her racist, futuristic kitchen. --Peter Weber