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Judge denies NJ teen's request for child support from estranged parents

CBS News/YouTube

Rachel Canning has been making headlines for her controversial "child support" case, and now it appears that her court battle has come to a close. The Morris Catholic High School cheerleader and honor roll student sued her parents after leaving their Lincoln Park, N.J., amid a dispute over a boyfriend and alleged abusive behavior.

On Monday, Morristown Superior Court Judge Peter Bogaard denied the teen's emergency suit for $624 a week in child support as well as access to her college fund, stating that he wants to work on bringing "this family back together."

Many commentators have wondered whether Rachel is simply "spoiled," and Judge Bogaard's concerns about setting precedent for lawsuits whenever parents "insist on a rule Junior doesn't like" seems to support those claims. "What will the next step be?" he asked. "Are we going to open the gates to a 12-year-old suing for an Xbox?" There will be a follow-up hearing to decide whether Rachel's parents are obligated to cover her college costs, but with this decidedly negative ruling in hand, Rachel’s chances at opening her college fund seem slim. --Celeste Mora