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Better late than never

Goodnight Moon author's lullabies published after 60 years

Sterling Publishing

Margaret Wise Brown actually wrote more than 20 children's books during her brief, 42-year life, but she is probably most remembered for Goodnight Moon. That soothing ode to nighttime is so tried and true among parents that it even inspired another popular children's book with a slightly more direct title.

Now, a collection of Brown's lullabies can grace the tops of children's bedside tables as well. Published Tuesday by Sterling Children's Books, Goodnight Songs features 12 lullabies each illustrated by a different award-winning artist. The undiscovered songs were written sometime before Brow's death in 1952 and were found recently by Brown's sister in a trunk along with a stash of unpublished manuscripts.

Now, tuck yourself into bed and read this sample:

"Baby sail the seven seasSafely in my armsWhen the waves go up and downYou are safe from harm."