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Russia Today anchor: 'What Russia did is wrong' in Ukraine


Russia Today, Moscow's English-language news service, has been rightly pilloried for its almost comically one-sided reporting on Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. That must be galling for the professional reporters who work for the U.S. arm of RT and often put out independent and solidly reported journalism.

On Monday night, Abby Martin, host of RT's Breaking the Set, declared her independence, sort of. "Just because I work here, for RT, doesn't mean I don't have editorial independence," she said. "What Russia did is wrong." She went on to declare Russia a superpower and criticized the "truly disappointing" coverage of Ukraine "from all sides of the media spectrum," calling it "rife with disinformation." But credit where credit is due: Criticizing your employer on air takes guts, especially when your boss just started a war. --Peter Weber