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Liam Neeson left a hilariously terrifying Taken voicemail for his co-star's ex-boyfriend

Anyone who's seen one of the Taken movies should be wise enough to walk away with a simple lesson: don't do anything to get on Liam Neeson's bad side. When the actor learned that Maggie Grace, who plays his daughter in Taken, was feeling heartbroken over an ex-boyfriend, he decided to use his own "particular set of skills" — that impossibly gravelly voice — to get a little payback.

During a recent Conan appearance, Maggie Grace shared the threatening voicemail Neeson left for her ex-boyfriend. "This is Brian Mills. We've never met — and if you play your cards right, we never will," the message begins. And it only gets more hilarious (and terrifying) from there. --Scott Meslow