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Larry David explains his great love for hotel living, and hotel sex

Misanthropic comedian Larry David is making his Broadway debut, and David Letterman wants to know where he'll stay while he's in New York. Well, at least Letterman asked, on Thursday night's Late Show. It's not clear if he regretted the question. David said that he'll live at a hotel, and when Letterman said that will probably be all right, David got animated: "It's not just all right, Dave — don't just say all right! Staying at a hotel is the best way to go."

His reason? "Transience." Nobody stays at a hotel for long, so you get a constant rotating of people. "Nobody knows how often you wear the same pants," David said. Oh, and hotel sex, "which is, you know, come on." David elaborated on this, and if you're interested in his views on sex in hotel rooms, watch below. —Peter Weber