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Antonin Scalia's zany dissents have inspired a new fragrance line

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, "Mystical Aphorisms of the Fortune Cookie": Supreme Court opinion or suffocatingly sweet perfume? Now, thanks to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, you'd be correct in thinking both.

That's right, you can now keep the language of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's famously vivid opinions close to your heart — literally — with the help of six different fragrances, Mic reports.

While many political figures throughout the course of American history have possessed "acid tongues," writes the fragrance maker on its website, "few in the modern era have provided such a constant stream of colorfully vitriolic superlatives as Antonin Scalia."

The names of the fragrances are of course taken directly from Scalia's dissenting opinions, which are peppered with language as rich and varied as the scents they gave rise to. Do you want your perfume to inspire fear in all those who smell you? Look no further than Looming Spectre of Inutterable Horror. Something a little more laid back? Ask The Nearest Hippie is made with patchouli, hemp, smoky vanilla bean, and cannabis accord. The other fragrances in the line include such gems as Pure Applesauce, Mummeries and Straining-to-be Memorable Passages, and of course, Jiggery Pokery.

In addition to doing the public this great service, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is also donating proceeds of each $26 bottle to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Trevor Project, and the National Center for Transgender Equality.