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You're fired - vodka edition

Here are some of the 3,153 strange domain names owned by Donald Trump's organization

If you're looking for a name for your anti-Trump website, you might run into a major roadblock: DonaldTrumpSucks.com, TrumpIsFired.com, and DonaldTrumpPonziScheme.com are all already taken — by The Donald himself.

"It's just another part of doing business around the world with a famous brand and some famous figureheads at the top of the company," Trump's son, Eric Trump, told Business Insider, which obtained a list of 3,153 domain names owned by the Trump Organization. Eric Trump claims his father has "tens of thousands" of domain names in his possession in total and adds thousands more every year. Trump isn't just concerned about his own future ventures and reputation, either — he also snatches up domains with his daughter Ivanka's name, and even his grandchildren's names.

Here's a look at what's on the list:

253 web addresses about Ivanka — including IvankaHotel.com, IvankaPokerChampion.com, and IvankaTrumpEyes.com.

8 web addresses about things that suck — including TrumpNetworkMarketingSucks.com, TrumpVodkaSucks.com, and, of course, DonaldTrumpSucks.com.

3 web addresses that refer to him as "The Donald" — including DownloadTheDonald.com and ImBeingSuedByTheDonald.com.

7 web addresses that reference a Ponzi or pyramid scheme — including DonaldTrumpPonziScheme.com and the impossibly long TrumpNetworkMarketingPonziScheme.com.

2 web addresses referencing firing — including, curiously, YoureFiredVodka.com

You've got to admit, though, You're Fired Vodka isn't half bad (but TrumpOnTheRocks.com is taken, if you're starting to get ideas). Check out the whole list here.