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Jeb Bush's favorability rating drops into the negatives

Jeb Bush's polling numbers just went from bad to worse. A Gallup favorability poll released Friday reveals that the onetime Republican frontrunner now has a favorability rating of negative 1 percent among Republican voters, a 28-point drop from just six months ago, when the former Florida governor's favorability rating was 27 percent.

Bush's loss is greater than any other candidate's over that same time period, putting him at the back of the pack. In comparison, favorability frontrunner Ted Cruz boasts a net favorability of 45 percent, followed by Ben Carson with 40 percent, and Marco Rubio with 35 percent. Poll-topper Donald Trump has a net favorability of 24 percent.

The Gallup poll, which is an accumulation of phone surveys taken between July 8 and Jan. 5 of 44,111 Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.