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John Kerry hopes for 'peace and stability and continuity' in Turkey

Speaking from Moscow, where he is proposing a coordinated U.S.-Russian counterterrorism operation in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry offered brief comments on the apparent military coup that began to unfold in Turkey on Friday night. "We have been engaged very deeply in discussions all day and literally [Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov] and I caught up with the news of what may or may not be happening at the very last minute," Kerry told the press. "So I think it's inappropriate for me to comment except to say ... I hope there will be stability and peace and continuity within Turkey."

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim confirmed on television that a group within the military is attempting a coup after reports of low-flying military planes, tanks, and bridge closures in Istanbul. Yildirim said only a portion of the Turkish military was behind the effort, and cautioned against using the word "coup," but said security forces are working to end the situation.