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a tense exchange

Democratic congressman gets hostile with reporter over questions about domestic abuse allegations

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) threatened to have Politico reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere arrested Tuesday, after Dovere asked Grayson about allegations of domestic abuse from his ex-wife, Lolita Grayson. A video of the exchange, which took place outside of a Politico event in Philadelphia, shows the Senate candidate refusing to talk to Dovere and growing increasingly annoyed as Dovere's questions continue:

Grayson can be seen getting close to Dovere's face before accusing Dovere of pushing him. "You're getting in my way, my friend," Grayson can be heard saying in the video. "You're assaulting a member of Congress. You're pushing me. Have this guy escorted out, please." In response, Dovere points out Grayson had come to a Politico event and that he is a public figure.

Grayson then asks Dovere if he really thinks this is "the proper way to conduct an interview" and assures Dovere he'll be handing the video over to the Capitol police as evidence. "You know, I'm hoping that somebody comes here and arrests you," Grayson says.

The tense exchange followed Politico's recent story detailing Grayson's ex-wife's allegations that he abused her for two decades. A police report revealed Grayson's ex-wife "called the police on her husband at least two times in Virginia and two more times in Florida, sought medical attention on at least two occasions, and said that, in one instance, he had threatened to kill her."

Grayson has denied the allegations and said his wife "battered him in 2014," Politico reported.