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This top RNC official swallows 35 sticks of gum whole by noon

Sean Spicer has a hard job, and lately it's just gotten harder. As the chief spokesman of the Republican National Committeee, Spicer has been on the party's front lines as this election season threatens to swallow it whole — which, coincidentally, is how Spicer likes to have his gum, as reported in a Washington Post profile published Wednesday:

Two-and-a-half packs of Orbit translate to 35 sticks of cinnamon gum, sitting undigested in Spicer's stomach before noon. It seems fitting that Spicer's constitution is seemingly unflappable, given the types of responsibilities he has shouldered with Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket. After all, as one Republican staffer told the Post: "To be a spokesperson you need to be able to defend the nominee without hesitation. I can assure you that 90 percent of the people … would have some hesitation."

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