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A shocking percentage of Americans can't name the vice presidential nominees

More than 40 percent of Americans don't know the names of the men who could soon be second-in-command. An ABC News/SSRS Poll released Monday, just a day ahead of the first and only vice presidential debate, revealed that when Americans were asked to name Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's running mates, they came up shockingly empty: Forty-one percent of respondents couldn't name Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, while 46 percent couldn't name Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

After Tuesday night's vice presidential debate though, this very well could change. ABC News found that 64 percent of Americans are planning to tune into the debate tomorrow night — just 10 percent short of the percentage that tuned into the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump on Sept. 26. However, only 10 percent of Americans think the face-off between Pence and Kaine could affect which candidate they vote for in November.

The poll, taken from Sept. 29-30, surveyed a "nationally representative sample of 245 respondents age 18 and older." The margin of error is plus or minus 8.1 percent.