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Fugitive killed in shootout with Oklahoma police

An Oklahoma fugitive on the run for eight days was killed Sunday night following a shootout with police officers.

Michael Vance, 38, of Chandler was found in Hammon after a resident saw a vehicle thought to be stolen by Vance and investigators discovered a makeshift campsite nearby. After Vance was tracked down, the chase was on, and eventually there was a shootout. One Dewey County sheriff was shot in the arm, and has been hospitalized.

On Oct. 23, officers were called to the scene of a disturbance in Wellston, where they encountered Vance, CNN reports. During a shootout, Vance allegedly shot and wounded two officers, and in an exchange of fire, he was hit at least once. He stole a patrol car and fled, and later is believed to have carjacked a woman, shooting and injuring her. A similar car was then spotted at a home in Luther, and inside authorities found the bodies of Vance's aunt and uncle, Robert and Valerie Kay Wilkson. Vance, who in July was arrested on accusations of child sex abuse, talked about the murders on social media, CNN reports.