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mr. trump goes to washington

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly had input in Trump's interior secretary decision. That makes Republicans and Democrats alike pretty nervous.

Donald Trump's adult sons will run the family real estate empire while their father is in office, the president-elect tweeted Monday. But if that is indeed to be the case, it raises new questions about the muddling of the Trump Organization with operations at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as Donald Trump Jr. reportedly helped his father choose the interior secretary, Politico reports.

Donald Trump Jr. has long held an interest in interior secretary, joking that "the only job in government that I would want is with the Department of Interior. I understand these issues … I will be the very loud voice about these issues in my father's ear." Notably, Donald Jr. is an enthusiastic outdoorsman, especially if exotic animal hunting counts as "enjoying the outdoors." People familiar with discussions surrounding Trump's interior secretary decision confirmed that Donald Jr. was involved in the interview process, made phone calls, and helped settle on the eventual nomination of Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.).

But "it's significant that Don Jr. took a hands-on role in hiring a Cabinet secretary," Politico writes. "Either Trump's boys … are running the Trump Organization, or they're helping advise their father, the next president of the United States. Doing both is exactly what Republicans and Democrats alike are worried about. If he's running the company, why is he helping his father assemble his Cabinet?"

Trump's transition team did not respond to Politico's request for a comment about the potential conflict.