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Police raided a family's home and mocked them on Snapchat — then realized it was the wrong house

A New York Police Department squad raided a Brooklyn home on Thursday and arrested the whole family. After handcuffing them, an NYPD officer took a Snapchat photo and shared it with the caption "Merry Christmas Its [sic] NYPD." The image — plus a second picture captioned "Warrant sweeps its [sic] still a party" — showed up in Snapchat's New York City story, visible to anyone in the NYC area.

It was only then that the NYPD realized it had the wrong house, and the family publicly humiliated on social media aren't suspected of any crime.

"The worst part was the Snapchats," said Kimberly Santiago, whose home was raided though her address was not the location listed on the warrant. "He doesn't deserve to be a police officer. If he does that, what other things he does on the low that nobody knows?" The officer responsible for the snaps has been suspended and is under internal investigation, but his name has not been released.

Watch a local news report on the incident, including the Snapchat posts, below. Bonnie Kristian