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Woman discovers she is a long-missing child after getting 'an inclination'

Eight hours after Kamiyah Mobley was born in 1998, she was kidnapped out of her mother's hospital room in Jacksonville, Florida, by a woman pretending to be a nurse. Eighteen years later, Mobley has been found alive and well in Walterboro, South Carolina, by investigators after she had "an inclination beginning a couple of months ago that she may have been involved in [the kidnapping] in some way," Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Friday.

The police would not expand on what the inclination was, and they also used tips to find her. A DNA analysis confirmed Mobley was indeed the kidnapped child, the New York Daily News reports.

Mobley's kidnapper reportedly raised Mobley as her own child, and has been arrested and charged. Mobley's "new name" will not be released by the police.

It is up to Mobley if she wants to rejoin her birth family: "She's 18, an adult, and clearly a victim in this case," Williams said. "A case like we have not seen in this country for a long time." She is in good health, but "overwhelmed," the Daily News reports.