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It wasn't all bad

After this elderly dog's owner died, a senior citizens' home adopted her

Izzy went from having one owner to dozens, after she was adopted by the residents of the Brookdale Kingston assisted living community in Tennessee.

Izzy, a 10-year-old mixed breed with vision problems, moved to Brookdale with her owner last fall. Staff and residents quickly became enamored with Izzy, a social dog who enjoyed visiting with people around the building. When Izzy's owner died and family members were not able to take her in, the community quickly came up with a solution. "We realized her home was here with us and so she has stayed," Lesa Fuller, Brookdale Kingston's sales and marketing manager, told WVLT. "She is part of the family here now. The residents always want to know where Izzy is and what she's doing. There's never a shortage of people to pet her." Izzy now spends her days greeting people at the front door, attending parties, and playing with her favorite toy — a rubber chicken. Catherine Garcia