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It wasn't all bad

In this Colorado neighborhood, the paperboy has four legs

For the last 11 years, Paul Goldan's neighbors in Boulder, Colorado, haven't had to go far to get their morning newspaper.

Every day, Goldan and his golden retriever Quincy make the neighborhood rounds, with Quincy going from house to house, fetching the newspaper at the end of the driveway and trotting it up to the front porch, so the receiver doesn't have to walk too far. Goldan told KUSA his wife came up with the idea, figuring that Quincy "can chase a ball, why not go out and get the paper?" They do this every day, no matter the weather — in fact, Quincy loves digging for newspapers buried in the snow.

Quincy is the second Goldan dog to deliver papers, and after every successful delivery, he's rewarded with a treat. Goldan said when he's sick and unable to take Quincy on his route, the neighbors call to check in and make sure Quincy — not Goldan — is okay. Goldan said he doesn't mind playing second fiddle to his dog, and while it was fun to train Quincy, "more important for me, it's just nice to give to your neighbors." Catherine Garcia