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Archaeologists discover 400-year-old shopping list

Long before FreshDirect and Amazon Fresh, hungry people around the world scratched down their shopping lists on pieces of paper. One such list, dating from 1633, has just been discovered beneath the attic floorboards of a wealthy country residence in Kent, England, Smithsonian reports.

The home's attic used to be filled with trunks and the researchers believe that the grocery list accidentally slipped under the floorboards at some time, where it remained hidden until its recent discovery. "It's extremely rare to uncover letters dating back to the 17th century, let alone those that give us an insight into the management of the households of the wealthy, and the movement of items from one place to another," said regional archaeologist Nathalie Cohen.

The list requests the purchase of unsalted cod as well as two dozen Pewter spoons and a frying pan. Read the full letter at Smithsonian.