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drain the swamp?

Michael Flynn never signed his mandatory ethics pledge, spokesman confirms

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn apparently never got around to signing his mandatory ethics pledge during his 23 days on the job. The pledge was a part of President Trump's executive order signed Jan. 28 that prohibits political appointees from "lobbying the government in any way for five years after serving in his administration," ABC News reported. The order was intended to help uphold Trump's promise to "drain the swamp."

Flynn, who resigned in February after misleading Vice President Mike Pence about a discussion with a Russian ambassador, "didn't have the opportunity to sign it," Flynn spokesman Price Floyd said. Floyd said Flynn planned to "abide by the pledge" anyway, noting Flynn has not done any lobbying work since he left the post on Feb. 13.

However, Flynn has registered as a foreign agent since his ousting because of his company's lobbying work for a firm linked to the Turkish government. The work was apparently being done while Flynn was serving as a top adviser to Trump's presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, Democrats and Republicans on the House Oversight Committee requested all documents related to Flynn's contact with and payment from "Russian, Turkish, or other foreign sources, including but not limited to payments he received from the Kremlin-backed media outlet known as RT."