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146 days after the election, Trump is still ranting about Hillary Clinton

There are "sore losers" and then there is President Trump, who fairly won the U.S. election but still can't seem to get over his former opponent, Hillary Clinton. Apparently apropos of nothing, Trump took to Twitter on Monday to rant about Clinton, despite the fact that the presidential election was now 146 days ago:

At this point, the response to Trump is mostly weary protest — after all, it is not the first time Trump has invoked Clinton since becoming president. The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler pointed out that "no answers to a debate" were given to Clinton by linking to an article that fact-checks the claim. Other people were more blunt:

A recent poll found that 70 percent of American voters think Trump's use of Twitter is "problematic" and 60 percent said they felt "embarrassed" by the president. Jeva Lange