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Russia is making fun of us for the hysteria around the Comey firing

After firing FBI Director James Comey during an active investigation into the White House's possible ties to Russia, President Trump has only one item on his docket for Wednesday: a closed-door meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Which is … a choice you can make.

But when Lavrov rolled up to the State Department for a meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ahead of his Oval Office huddle, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell managed to get a response to her shouted question, "Does the Comey firing cast a shadow over your talks, gentlemen?"

Lavrov looked at her with a straight face and asked, "Was he fired? You’re kidding. You're kidding." He then rolled his eyes and marched out of the room:

Many interpreted Lavrov's snide remark literally — but let this be a warning to us all to never underestimate a Russian leader's witheringly dry, sarcastic sense of humor.