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contrary to trump's assessment

Paul Ryan clarifies that James Comey is not a 'nut job'

President Trump apparently thinks former FBI Director James Comey is a "nut job," but House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) begs to differ. When asked at an Axios Q&A session Wednesday morning whether he agreed with Trump's assessment of the FBI director he fired — which the president reportedly uttered while meeting with Russian officials in the Oval Office — Ryan made clear that he didn't.

"Yeah, I don't agree with that, and he's not," Ryan said, defending Comey against the president's charge.

Ryan said that he thinks Comey was put in an "impossible position," but "served his country ably." "I like Jim Comey," Ryan said, a far cry from Trump's depiction of Comey as a "grandstander" and a "showboat."

Despite his departures from Trump on Comey, Ryan reiterated that he still has confidence in the president.