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Senate releases Comey's bombshell opening statement ahead of testimony

In his opening statement for Thursday's hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, former FBI Director James Comey plans to detail each of his conversations with President Trump, beginning with his Jan. 6 meeting with the then-president-elect at Trump Tower. Comey's remarks were released Wednesday afternoon, one day before he is scheduled to testify regarding the Russia probe and Trump's alleged attempts to interfere.

Comey will reveal that during a Jan. 27 dinner with Trump, the president said, "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty," and he will also confirm that Trump urged him to "let go" of the investigation into ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. He will further reveal that in an April 11 phone call — his last conversation Trump before he was abruptly fired May 9 — Trump asked him to "get out" the news that the president was not personally under investigation.

Comey's hearing will begin Thursday at 10 a.m. ET.