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London Bridge attack

The London Bridge attackers tried to rent a larger truck

The three terrorists who killed eight people and injured dozens in a knife and truck attack on and near London Bridge initially wanted to rent a larger vehicle to do more damage, U.K. law enforcement said Friday. One of the attackers attempted to rent an 8.3 ton (7.5 tonne) truck closer in size to the 19-tonne vehicle used in the attack in Nice, France, in 2016, but he did not pay for the rental.

"Getting hold of a 7.5 tonne lorry — the effects could have been even worse," said London counter-terrorism Commander Dean Haydon, who noted that police are "not looking for a wider network" involved in planning the attack, but continue to investigate how the three suspects, all fatally shot by police at the scene of the crime, organized their plot. "How did they know each other?" he said. "They are a diverse bunch."