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These Georgia women have a fantastic strategy for preventing people from tearing down their Jon Ossoff signs

The special election in Georgia's 6th congressional district is so closely watched in part because, by all historical indications, it shouldn't be a tight race. Instead, the deep-red district has the potential to turn blue Tuesday evening if Democrat Jon Ossoff beats Republican Karen Handel.

And he just might, The Nation writes, thanks to a little Vaseline, glitter, and the ol' red, white, and blue:

Indivisible is just one of many new progressive groups that's aligned itself with the Ossoff campaign. (Some of the women I spoke with belonged to all of them.) Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb came first, uniting women who met at preschool meetings and soccer fields to take the first steps toward more visible Democratic activism. Then there's the women-led Pave It Blue, which is more Yippie than yuppie (though not many are old enough to know what that means). They describe themselves as "ninjas.” They dress up like dinosaurs and make Ossoff signs that "glitter bomb" (the signs are bordered in Vaseline with clear glitter, so people who attempt to remove them find themselves coated in Vaseline and glitter). It's a brilliantly defensive move: Sign removal has been a problem in this traditionally red district. And when their Ossoff signs began being set on fire, they started attaching American flags to them, since conservatives believe flag-burning should be illegal. [The Nation]

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