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Chris Christie auditioned to be a sports radio host and his angry constituents followed him there

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) tried out Monday for a post-politics gig co-hosting a sports radio show, and it seems his historic unpopularity followed him to the audition.

Christie's term ends in January, and during the test-run for his next job, he got a call from "Mike in Montclair" telling him to "put [his] fat ass in a car" and go to a beach that's "open to all [his] constituents" next time. The snarky remark was a reference to Christie's Fourth of July weekend trip to a state-run beach that was closed to New Jersey residents because of a budget showdown. Mike had reportedly told producers he was calling in to talk about New York Yankees' outfielder Aaron Judge.

Christie's response to Mike from Montclair: "I love getting calls from communists in Montclair." Christie also slammed the guy for swearing on the air, though Christie had earlier said "'bitching' two or three times in a row," Politico New Jersey bureau chief Ryan Hutchins reported. In the heated exchange that followed, Christie called Mike a "bum" and Mike deemed Christie a "bully."

While Christie's remarks — and sunbathing — have caused his approval rating as governor to sink to just 15 percent, National Journal's Josh Kraushaar pointed out that being controversial might actually boost Christie's success on talk radio:

Listen to Christie's sports radio debut below. Becca Stanek