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Congress returns from August break to a full plate, starting with a $7.9 billion Harvey aid package

Congress ends its five-week August break on Tuesday, returning to Washington with a full agenda for September, including raising the debt ceiling, funding the federal government, and reauthorizing programs like children's health insurance payments and a national flood insurance program. But first, lawmakers will vote on immediate aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. The House will vote on President Trump's initial $7.9 billion request first, then the Senate will vote, possibly tacking on raising the federal borrowing limit. House GOP conservatives object to linking the two pieces of legislation.

Congress may also start grappling with Trump's expected decision to end the DACA immigration program for immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children. Trump is reportedly planning to leave a six-month window for Congress to act if lawmakers wants to keep the DREAMers from losing their jobs or being deported.