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Divers found journalist Kim Wall's head and legs

Copenhagen police on Saturday announced the discovery of a bag containing the head, legs, and clothing of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who went missing in August after she boarded the submarine of inventor Peter Madsen, whom she was interviewing for a story. Wall's dismembered torso was discovered 11 days later, and Madsen has been charged with murder.

The bag found by divers off the coast of Denmark Friday also contained a knife and pipes from a car used to weight it down. Wall's head did not show signs of any "blunt violence to the skull," contrary to Madsen's story of an accidental fall. Madsen maintains he did not mutilate Wall's body, and he says he sank his own submarine an attempt to commit suicide out of remorse over her unintended death.

Danish police are still determining how Wall died. The next pre-trial hearing is scheduled for the end of October.