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Mitch McConnell is prepared to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving

This November, be thankful for your four-day weekend — the United States Senate might not be so lucky. Majority Leader Mitch "I Hate Fun" McConnell (R-Ky.) allegedly told members this week that they might be forced to stay in session the weekend before Thanksgiving as well as the actual week of the holiday, Politico reports. Thanksgiving week is normally a recess for Congress, which raises the question: Leader McConnell, what do you have against cranberry sauce?

Then again, McConnell has never seemed properly exuberant about Thanksgiving:

Plus there is the fact that Republicans have just 14 legislative days left before the Thanksgiving recess, and the ambitious task of pushing through tax reform before the end of the year. The House passed a Senate-approved budget resolution Thursday, setting up the path forward, but House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said the GOP will take until Nov. 1 to introduce their tax bill, limiting time to move forward on the legislation before the looming December deadline, when Congress will also have to wrangle with the budget and a possible decision on the DACA immigration program.

So far, though, McConnell's threats have failed to impress anyone. Last week, the Senate observed its normal Thursday half-day despite McConnell's warning of a crackdown on the "light workweek," Politico reports. Long live fun!