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is the train not bad enough

LeBron James ruined this guy's subway commute

Ah, the New York City subway. You board a train and do a quick scan: Are there any open seats? Is the car suspiciously too empty? Oh no, that means it must smell bad — does it smell bad? And so you shuffle your way through to an open hand rail or clear seat, making as little eye contact as possible with your fellow riders and immediately tuning out any annoying noises.

That's just what one besuited man was trying to do Monday morning — problem was, global basketball superstar LeBron James was sitting next to him, taking the train along with some of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates after a shootaround at Madison Square Garden. "Decided to take a different transportation this time," James said, panning around the train to capture his teammates. "We're squishin'." After showing teammate Channing Frye trying to fold his 6-foot-11-inch frame beneath the train's ceiling, James turned the camera to his non-famous seat neighbor, who was not amused:

The Cavs play the New York Knicks at the Garden on Monday night. And while James, at 32 years old, is defying the laws of sports and putting up absurd numbers, all New Yorkers really want to know is: Can you not?