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Las Vegas shooting

14 more lawsuits filed over Las Vegas mass shooting

Another 14 lawsuits have been filed from people seeking damages in connection to the mass shooting Oct. 1 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, which left 58 people dead and more than 500 injured.

The complaints, filed in Clark County on Wednesday, allege that Mandalay Bay, the hotel from which the gunman fired on the crowd, did not adequately train its security staff and did not have a plan for what to do during an active shooter situation. Additionally, the plaintiffs want to know why there weren't more security cameras in place on the 32nd floor, where the shooter's room was located. The suits also claim that Live Nation Entertainment, the festival's organizer, did not train employees properly on what to do in an emergency and did not have clearly marked exits, and alleges that Slide Fire Solutions, the manufacturer of the bump-stock devices used by the gunman to fire faster into the crowd, sells its products "without any reasonable measures or safeguards and which the killer used to such horrifying ends."

Attorney Timothy Titolo told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the plaintiffs are from Nevada, California, and Illinois, and include concertgoers and at least one employee who worked the festival. "Of these 14 cases, there's a couple who were shot and survived, a wrongful death, and a lot of other people who were hurt not by a gun, but by shrapnel or during the escape," he said, adding that all experienced emotional trauma.