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Gene Simmons is reportedly banned from Fox News for life

After a bizarre visit to Fox News headquarters in Manhattan, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has been permanently banned from appearing on any of the network's shows, The Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove reports.

Simmons was a frequent guest on various Fox News shows, espousing his conservative views. On Wednesday, he promoted his new book, On Power, on Fox & Friends and Fox Business Network's Mornings with Maria, but things took a weird turn as he got ready to do an interview with FoxNews.com. A Fox News employee told Grove that unannounced and uninvited, Simmons burst into a staff meeting, yelling, "Hey chicks, sue me!" He then yanked open his red velvet shirt, showing off his chest and stomach, and began telling jokes about Michael Jackson and pedophilia.

Finally, Simmons thumped two employees on the head with copies of his new book, which luckily for them is only 160 pages. "It was pretty severe," the Fox News employee told Grove. The strange encounter was enough for an HR executive to ban Simmons forevermore from every program on every single one of the company's cable channels, Grove reports, so enjoy this clip of Simmons doing the weather on Fox & Friends — it'll (maybe?) never happen ever again.