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Roy Moore's Senate race is heading toward photo finish

The Alabama Senate race between Roy Moore, the Republican judge accused by multiple women of sexual assault and other misconduct toward girls as young as 14, and Doug Jones, his Democratic rival, is heading toward a photo finish, new poll results released Saturday show. The Washington Post-Schar School survey puts Jones three points ahead at 50 percent support to Moore's 47 percent, a lead inside the poll's 4.5 percent margin of error.

Answers show about three in four Alabamians are following the race closely, and the same proportion of registered voters say they are certain or likely to make it to the voting booth on Election Day. Moore retains a one-point lead on the issue of abortion, while Jones is strongly ahead on LGBT issues and personal moral conduct.

The two candidates see closer levels of trust on health-care matters — 51 percent prefer Jones here, and 45 percent want Moore — which voters say is the single most important topic to them in this race (as compared to abortion, LGBT issues, and personal moral conduct). Overall, the district is still distinctly red; a majority of respondents said that "[r]egardless of the candidates running" this year, they'd prefer a GOP senator representing their state in Washington.