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Anthony Scaramucci just went on Dr. Phil

Anthony Scaramucci appeared on Dr. Phil with his wife, Deidre, on Tuesday, and confessed that being fired from his role as White House communications director is what saved his "hunky-dory" marriage. "I was neglectful, fighting with my wife. My children felt neglected," Scaramucci said of the 11 days he served in the administration. "But once I was rejected from the White House, as painful and as humiliating as that was, it caused a major recentering of my priorities. It was an awakening for me."

Deidre, who was nine months pregnant at the time, actually filed for divorce from Scaramucci, although she ultimately decided not to go through with it after he was fired. She explained to host Dr. Phil — whose full name is Phillip McGraw — that their marital tension dated back to when Scaramucci was working on Trump's campaign. She said Trump's election caught her and her family by surprise, and when Dr. Phil pressed if Deidre's family "are not big Trump fans," she said: "No."

Later in the show, Dr. Phil tapped Scaramucci — who separated from his first wife, Lisa Miranda Scaramucci, in 2011 — to give other guests advice about parenting while divorced. Watch Scaramucci and Deidre talk about their marriage here, and more of the Dr. Phil show here.