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Google just evened out all its pay gaps, according to Google analysis

Google has eradicated pay gaps between its employees, the company announced in a blog post Thursday.

This conclusion is based on Google's annual pay equity analysis, which it has conducted every year since 2012. It calculates what an employee should be paid based on their job and skill level, while adding in factors such as tenure, location, and performance. Together, the information helps Google plan what to pay each employee the following year.

Google's calculation at the end of 2017 found that 228 employees were being underpaid. Going into 2018, the company spent about $270,000 to give those Googlers the appropriate raise.

But all that math didn't stop Google from being served a revised gender-pay lawsuit in January, The Guardian reported. The U.S. Department of Labor already found "system compensation disparities" against women in the company in April 2017.

Maybe someone who's not Google should figure this one out?