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it's mueller time

Mueller's team is reportedly questioning Russian oligarchs

In recent weeks, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team has questioned Russian oligarchs traveling in the United States, and in at least one case they searched a man's electronic devices after he got off his private jet in the New York City area, several people familiar with the matter told CNN on Wednesday.

Mueller is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and his interest in Russian oligarchs suggests that his team is focusing on the possible flow of foreign money to President Trump's campaign and inauguration fund, CNN reports. Under campaign finance laws, foreign nationals are not allowed to donate to U.S. political campaigns. The Center for Responsive Politics says Trump's presidential campaign raised $333 million and his inauguration committee raised a record $106.8 million.

Late last year, Mueller's team asked some witnesses if they knew of any Russians who made donations directly or indirectly to the Trump campaign, CNN reports. The team is now taking a close look at investments Russians made in any companies or think tanks with political action committees that gave money to the Trump campaign, and also investigating whether Russians funneled money to Americans with citizenship, who then donated to the Trump campaign or inaugural fund, several people told CNN.