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Scott Pruitt is getting expertly trolled on the streets of D.C.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt's enviable rental deal has inspired some real estate-themed trolling in Washington, D.C.

Some creative activists hung posters around Capitol Hill on Friday morning, advertising a "luxury condo" for just $50 a night. "Live luxuriously for cheap," read the posters, "just like Scott!"

The signs reference the scandal currently plaguing the EPA head: Pruitt scored a sweet deal on an apartment owned by the wife of an energy lobbyist, paying only $50 for each night he stayed in the space, leading to criticism that the rental constituted an improper gift from lobbyists.

Pruitt's smiling face is plastered across most of each sign, but the fine print notes that $50 a night is a "special rate void if not a Trump administration official able to provide special favors. Property may be used to host GOP fundraisers." EPA representatives are sure to enjoy a busy morning thanks to the posters: People are advised to "call now!" to inquire about the listing, using the phone number for the EPA Office of Public Affairs.