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Even Fox & Friends is disturbed by how many leaks come out of the Trump White House

Fox & Friends hosts are on board with most of the Trump administration's choices, so it's mystifying to them why any White House staffer wouldn't be.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on the Fox News morning show Wednesday, where the hosts grilled her about how much information has been leaked from administration staffers to the press.

"What is going on at the White House, because it looks like the president can't even trust his own staff?" host Steve Doocy asked Sanders. The press secretary ranted against anyone who would leak information, calling the act "disgusting" and "shameful" and vowing to fire anyone who did it. But Doocy wanted a better explanation than that: "Sarah, why do they do it?" he asked. "Are they just trying to stab other staff members in the back? Are they trying to advance their political agenda? Are they trying to set the record straight? What the heck is going on?!"

Sanders couldn't explain why staffers would be motivated to leak, but she did accuse some of making up false information to pass along to reporters. Watch the exchange below, via Fox News. Summer Meza