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Fox & Friends downplays the connection between Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen as 'perfectly logical'

Things have been a little crazy at the Fox News HQ ever since it was revealed that Michael Cohen's third mystery client is none other than the network's own Sean Hannity. "Did Hannity disclose his Cohen connection to his bosses?" wondered CNN's media critic Brian Stelter while Alan Dershowitz told Hannity to his face on Monday night that "it would have been much, much better had you disclosed that relationship."

The hosts of Fox & Friends, on the other hand, weren't sure what all the kerfuffle was about. "It's perfectly logical to think that if you're friendly with somebody, that you might ask them for legal help," claimed co-host Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday morning. Steve Doocy said that "ultimately, the big news out of the Sean Hannity reveal was he said he talked to a guy who has been a friend." Ainsley Earhardt claimed erroneously that "Michael Cohen wasn't saying that Sean Hannity was his client, right?" She added optimistically: "They could just be friends, giving each other legal advice."

Kilmeade then jumped back in to say, "I don't think it's that unusual for a very successful celebrity or a billionaire to have one lawyer in particular, and that lawyer to be dedicated to him. People are acting like that is crazy. That is not crazy in the world of entertainment." Watch the conversation below, beginning around the eight minute mark. Jeva Lange