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Poll: Republicans are very confused about Trump's tweets

Most Americans wish President Trump would tweet less, a new Politico/Morning Consult poll published Thursday reports. Some 62 percent deem his Twitter account "a bad thing," and a majority say it hurts his presidency (59 percent), national security (51 percent), and America's reputation in world affairs (57 percent).

But drill down on GOP responses and things get confusing. A growing majority of Republicans say the president tweets too much — but far fewer see his tweets as a negative thing. "Although Republicans voters agree President Trump's use of Twitter is excessive, they do not necessarily think it's damaging his agenda," said Morning Consult co-founder Kyle Dropp. "While 58 percent of Republicans say President Trump uses Twitter too much, only 38 percent say his Twitter use is a bad thing."

Why about one in five Republicans would want Trump to tweet less if his tweets are not "a bad thing" is unclear. Intriguingly, while basically the same proportions of Republican men and women say Trump tweets too often, GOP men are substantially more likely than women (46 to 30 percent) to say the tweets are good and less likely (33 to 44 percent) to say they're bad.