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haters need not apply

Sen. John Kennedy does not want the next Supreme Court justice to be 'a hater'

If you are a judge who is not a hater, with the intellect of a Greek philosopher and a penchant for saying things like "Go ahead, make my day," you just might have a shot at being the next Supreme Court justice.

On Cuomo Prime Time Wednesday night, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said he knows precisely the kind of person who should replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. "I want a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry," he told host Chris Cuomo. "I don't want a hater. I want a whip-smart man or woman who understands the role of the Supreme Court vis-a-vis Congress and the president."

Kennedy said he's already a big fan of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and he'd love to know if he "has a twin sister or twin brother. If he does, that's the kind of person I would look for." Kennedy said he is not wanting to rush things, and believes it will be "a long confirmation hearing. I hope it's orderly. I hope everybody has plenty of time to ask questions."