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Watch a former ICE spokesman get a visit from federal agents while being interviewed about agency misconduct

A former Immigration and Customs Enforcement staffer opened up about his time at the agency — and got a visit from government agents in the process.

James Schwab, a former spokesperson for ICE, was in the middle of an interview with CBS News when a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Two Department of Homeland Security officials from the Inspector General's office had some questions.

Schwab was telling reporter Jamie Yuccas about his experience with ICE, where he was told to "spin" information and lie to make the Trump administration look good. He resigned after feeling uncomfortable with the agency's handling of a dispute between DHS and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (D), who angered officials by alerting residents of a coming ICE raid in an effort to protect undocumented immigrants.

The agents who showed up during the interview wanted to ask Schwab about whether he had leaked information to Schaaf, which Schwab strongly denied. The whistleblower said he was "completely shocked" to have DHS agents come question him three months after he quit, calling it a "concerning" intimidation tactic. Watch the tense visit go down on camera below, via CBS News. Summer Meza