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Rudy Giuliani is missing and Michael Avenatti thinks it's because he's been 'an absolute train wreck'

Rudy Giuliani, come out, come out, wherever you are! Ever since being named as one of President Trump's lawyers in April, the former New York City mayor has been making appearances just about everywhere — only he's gone uncharacteristically quiet in recent weeks, Business Insider points out.

Officially, Giuliani is telling the press he's been on vacation. "Was in Paris for FreeIran 2018 and day in London," he told Business Insider in response to their questions. "Work and visiting friends in Normandy on the Fourth. Back now in NYC." But Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has a different theory about why Giuliani has suspiciously stopped running his mouth.

"I think that Trump has realized that Rudy is a disaster waiting to happen with every appearance," Avenatti said. "He has been an absolute train wreck as Trump's lawyer." Avenatti might be onto something — in May, Giuliani revealed that he hadn't spoken to Trump in "a couple of weeks." That was shortly after Giuliani had stumbled into potentially getting Trump into legal trouble during a routine interview with Sean Hannity.

Avenatti additionally suggested that his threat to expose evidence of Giuliani "voluntarily viewing pornography" might have scared Trump's lawyer into keeping quiet — or at least quieter than usual. Read more about Avenatti's theories, and what Giuliani has been up to, at Business Insider.