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Trump tweets that the FBI, DOJ must do something about Clinton's emails or 'their credibility will be forever gone!'

Early risers usually get the best of President Trump's tweets, but on Tuesday, he gave night owls something to talk about.

First, Trump congratulated two of the Republican candidates he endorsed in Florida — Rep. Ron DeSantis, running for governor, and Gov. Rick Scott, running for Senate — for winning their primaries. Then, he turned his attention to a story airing on Fox News:

During what may have been a commercial break, Trump, who met with FIFA President Gianni Infantino earlier in the day, switched gears, adding "the 2026 World Cup to our long list of accomplishments!" Then, it was back to 2018, tweeting that his preliminary "Trade Deal with Mexico" will "be a big hit!" A moment later, Trump was talking about a poll on stripping John Brennan and James Comey of security clearances, citing "@FoxNews."

After a two-hour break, Trump returned to Clinton's emails, warning the FBI and Justice Department their credibility may soon "be forever gone!"

His final tweet of the night, posted in the wee hours of Wednesday, contained a compliment for Rep. Martha McSally, the winner of Tuesday's Republican Senate primary in Arizona. While Trump said nothing about Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff he pardoned last year and one of the candidates she defeated, he did throw in a claim that McSally "rejected" retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake's endorsement, "a first!" That's all ... for now.