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Rudy Giuliani: 'I don't see the magic in a wall'

Rudy Giuliani always knows how to clarify a confusing situation.

President Trump's attorney told CNBC on Thursday that he has an even better idea than Trump's proposed border wall. Why not just beef up border security?

"I don't see the magic in a wall, as long as there's some form of improved barrier that picks up penetration," he said. A physical wall might not be the best strategy, he suggested, contrary to what Trump has been saying for years.

"I could build a wall for him with long-range cameras and security," continued Giuliani. "He needs something. I think he'd compromise if he got most of what he wanted." A compromise is exactly what lawmakers are looking for as an imminent government shutdown hinges on whether Trump will accept a federal spending bill that doesn't include $5 billion for a border wall.

Giuliani's offer to improve security with amped up technology and general funding was pretty far from on-message — Democrats have offered exactly that, suggesting around $1.6 billion could go toward increased border security, instead of a wall. Trump's attorney clarified that he hadn't conferred with the president and was speaking for himself. He did not comment on whether his security firm, Giuliani Security & Safety, would be willing to construct Trump's newly-conceived "steel slats." Read more at CNBC.