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Giuliani on Sunday: 'No one signed' the Trump Tower-Moscow letter. Giuliani on Tuesday: 'Of course' Trump signed it.

Rudy Giuliani just can't make up his mind about that Trump Tower Moscow letter.

On Sunday, the president's lawyer said "no one signed" a letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. But CNN obtained a copy of the letter, signed by President Trump, just days later. That left Giuliani with no choice but to backtrack on everything he previously said, as documented by the New York Daily News on Tuesday.

The abandoned plans to build a Trump Tower in Russia — and just how long talks about those plans lasted — have sparked inquiries into Trump's closeness with Russia, especially during the 2016 election cycle. Trump has repeatedly claimed the deal was over before he started running for president. Yet for some reason, Giuliani told CNN on Sunday that "conversation[s]" about the project may have lasted until November 2016, but "it went nowhere."

Also on Sunday, Giuliani said "there was a letter of intent to go forward, but no one signed it." Except CNN found that letter, dated October 2015, and Trump did sign it. So Giuliani took back the exact words he said on national TV. "I don't think I said nobody signed it," Giuliani told the Daily News on Tuesday, doubling down by adding that "of course" Trump signed it and asking "how could you send it but nobody signed it?" He then called the letter "bullsh-t" and affirmed that it "means nothing but an expression of interest."