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Trump says he'll compromise over the wall by referring to it as 'steel slats'

President Trump may be unwilling to budge on funding for his proposed border wall, but he's apparently willing to call it something else.

Trump on Thursday afternoon spoke at a signing ceremony after House Republicans said he would not sign a stopgap spending bill that would prevent a partial government shutdown. Trump said that whatever bill he signs "must include border security." The bill recently passed by the Senate that Trump won't sign did, in fact, have funding for border security in it, it just didn't have the $5 billion he requested for a wall.

But Trump generously said that he'll give members of Congress a "little bit an out" by referring to the wall as "steel slats" from now on. "We don't use the word wall, necessarily, but it has to be something special to do the job," Trump said.

Trump additionally said he is still hoping to sign a bill that prevents a shutdown and includes the border wall funding he wants. "We'll see what we can do," Trump said. "Hopefully, that will all come together."